Awards and Reviews

Awards include:

  • Parents’ Choice Gold and Approved Awards
  • American Library Association Notable Recording for Children
  • Home Education Network (HEN) Top Ten Pick of the Year
  • Practical Homeschooling Readers Awards


“In my five years of homeschooling, I have stumbled across a handful of true curricular gems, and this one goes to the top of my list.” Read the full review.
The Old Schoolhouse — The Magazine for Homeschool Families

“…guaranteed to make you enjoy Life Science 101. What a way to make learning science fun!”
American Library Association Notable Committee

“this clever tape/text combination uniquely sets scientific concepts to familiar music…Hurrah, hurrah! Who said art and science are mutually exclusive?”
Parent’s Choice Journal

“I know that the PHS review scale for curriculum stops at five hearts–but if I could, I would give six to Lyrical Learning’s… (It) tickles your funny-bone while it teaches basic biology.”
Practical Homeschooling

“The music is phenomenal! You really haven’t studied life science until you have sung “Oh Bacteria” to the tune of “Oh Suzanna .” (Volume 1)
Homeschooling Today

“…more than entertaining… I thought them riotously funny…this is music for biologists.” (Volume 1)
Home Education Magazine

“…students will find the subject of life science easy and memorable as they sing.”
Focus on the Family’s Teacher in Focus

“Thanks so much for your amazing products! They have WOKEN UP our homeschool science adventure… even my two stir crazy, hands-on, distracted by every shiny new thing boys love learning with it as does my very opinionated often ‘too cool for school’ tween daughter. I LOVE finding products that just work effortlessly!”
Jessica Tierney, a homeschool mom

“These books and music tapes are an absolute delight to work with. It makes scientific fundamental information fun and easy to remember.”
Home Education Network

“I can’t say enough about this resource! It is fantastically appropriate to homeschooling…”
Kathy von Duyke’s Konos Helps

“Lyrical Learning, a group with a solid grasp of science and a zany sense of humor…It’s not the what that makes this series so appealing, though, it’s the how. Where else can you find a five-verse song about the muscular system, sung to the tune of “Erie Canal”…Your kids will laugh. They’ll also learn all the songs -whether they try to or not- and they won’t ever ever forget them.” (Volume 3)
Home Education Magazine

“…a fabulous, comprehensive resource for teaching about the systems of the body… The curriculum is normally recommended for students 6th grade through high school, however, it’s just too good to make your children wait… My 4 year old often walks around the house singing about DNA or vascular plants (from Vol. 1) While he doesn’t understand all the information, he is becoming familiar with scientific terms through listening to the music. In the new Vol. 3, Bobby Horton is once again performing to wonderful toe-tapping tunes from the U.S. and international folk tunes as well. Lastly, be sure not to just shelve this with your science books, this tape belongs in the car where it can be enjoyed often. The quality of the music is exceptional and fun for the whole family.” (Volume 3)
Homeschooling Today

“I am a huge fan of Lyrical Life Science and wondered if Lyrical Earth Science could live up to my great expectations. The answer is a resounding yes!” Read the full review.
The Old Schoolhouse — The Magazine for Homeschool Families

“Delightful creative lyrics set to toe-tapping, familiar melodies make this tape a winner. The lyrics are fun and bouncy…The technical qualities of this program are outstanding, and its use as an instructional tool for alternative learning styles is exciting. The accompanying text is an excellent teacher resource.” (Volume 2)
School Library Journal

“…musically geared for the ham in all of us-student and teacher alike…release your inner ham.”
National Science Teachers Association

“…this informative and technically well crafted program is a novel and rewarding approach to life sciences.”