Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lyrical Life Science a full curriculum?

Yes, but you will probably want to include hands-on activities and field trips. If used sequentially, about one song a week, the three Lyrical Life Science volumes comprise a year’s in-depth life science study. But many use our materials by subject only with their own unit studies. For example, if you are studying invertebrates, you could use the song about invertebrates, leaving the other subjects for another time.

What about other science volumes?

Our newest release, Lyrical Earth Science Vol. 1: Geology, is an in-depth study of rocks, volcanoes, etc.—all things pertaining to the surface of the earth. We called this Volume 1 as we thought we might move on to the other earth sciences: oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. We also thought about physics and chemistry. However, both Dorry and I changed jobs and careers, and we decided not to do any more science.

For what ages are Lyrical Life Science and Lyrical Earth Science most suited?

Ages 9-15. Both Lyrical Life Science and Lyrical Earth Science are based on middle school textbooks and information. But many families use the songs for younger children who enjoy the music and pick up on the lyrics easily, so they become familiar with scientific vocabulary. Depending on the strengths of the individual child, third and fourth graders can use the textbooks and the workbooks’ lyric and objective worksheets. We recommend leaving essay questions until they are older, but you may want to use the answers for discussion. Middle school students should be able to do the entire workbook, thereby laying a solid foundation for high school science. While some families use our materials for high school biology, high school texts usually go into greater detail. But that being said, a local high school teacher uses these songs as “extras” in her classes, and other students who have learned the songs in middle school have been known to quietly sing lyrics during high school tests!

We think the subject material of Lyrical Earth Science is more difficult to grasp and we recommend it for 5th grade and up, unless using it for unit studies.

Are the texts illustrated?

Yes, each book has approximately 200 line drawings.

Is this rote memorization?

Learning any language involves memorization. Scientists have their own language, with special names and terms, and so are able to communicate knowledge and understanding of abstract concepts. Scientific terminology couched in song and humor helps break down the intimidation barrier many children have towards the subject. We want them to relax and enjoy the study of science, and learn the language without feeling overwhelmed. This in turn helps them develop confidence and competence.
 So, is this memorization? Yes, if you can imagine it in song with humor. Children have an incredible ability to learn facts; later they build on that acquired knowledge with understanding, application and synthesis—but they need the vocabulary and knowledge base. The two go hand-in-hand in the study of science.

Do your products teach evolution?

No. For example, mammalian classification in Lyrical Life Science Volume 2 is based on physical characteristics.

Do your products teach creation?

While we believe that all nature points to a Creator, our products do not teach origins, evolution, or age of the earth. There are publishers who focus on these subjects and go into great depth and detail; we get to focus on the “stuff” of science, that which can be observed or measured.

Can I make a copy of the songs and texts?

Yes and no. Please feel free to make a personal backup copy of the CD for safekeeping or playing in the car—but not to pass copies around. Also, you may copy lyric sheets from the appendix of the text, and all worksheets from the workbook for personal or classroom use.

Where can I buy your materials?

Please go back to the HOME page, scroll down to “Read More” to learn more about each volume, and there you will also be able to order either hardcopies or downloads of each part of each of the four volumes—you can purchase the CDs of MP3s, texts, and workbooks individually—and pay for them through PayPal. Hardcopies of our materials are also available from the following homeschool curriculum distributors: Sonlight Curriculum; Classical Conversations; Rainbow Resource Center; Christianbook; and Veritas Press. Downloads of the music (MP3s) are available through CD  Baby; Songs for Teaching; iTunes; and others.