Lyrical Life Science Volume 2: Mammals, Ecology, and Biomes – Downloadable Textbook


This volume continues our biological study by focusing on mammalian classification and characteristics of each order. You’ll understand the framework scientists have developed and relied on for centuries to classify this diverse group of animals. You’ll then be able to apply that knowledge as you observe mammals around you. You’ll also learn about biomes, the climatic regions of the world were mammals live. You’ll understand how mammals “fit” together when you study ecology – the relationships and interactions such as food chains, food webs, and energy cycles.

Author: Dorry and Doug Eldon
Illustrator: Eric Altendorf
Cover Design: Susan Moore
Scientific Advisor: Dr. Karen Timm




Sample of lyrics:

“Ecology (One)”
(to the tune of “Sweet Betsy from Pike”)

Ecology is scientific study
Of relationships and interactions, you see
Of living things one with another as well
As with their environment, where they all dwell
Singing ecolo-gy-colo-gy-cology

The living and nonliving environment
Are factors which are all interdependent
A community is all the organisms
That live together in an ecosystem
Singing ecolo-gy-colo-gy-cology


A group of the same kind of living things
In the same area is the population
The number that’s found of that single species
Is known as the population density
Singing ecolo-gy-colo-gy-cology

A habitat is a place where it is good
For a living thing to find its shelter and food
But the way that it lives and the things that is does
Create the particular niche that it has…


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